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117 Photoshop tutorials to level up your skills

Grouped into categories from web design to typography, these Photoshop tutorials will help you master Adobe's image editing software.

Love it or hate it, Photoshop continues to be the design software of choice for millions designers across the globe for a wide range of tasks, including photo editing, graphic design, typography, illustration, 3D modelling and animation. Here, we round up the very best Photoshop tutorials from around the web covering all these areas and more...

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10 Photoshop tools for beginners

The Burn Tool

 The Burn tool
Learn how to use the Burn tool in this video tutorial

One of our own Photoshop tutorials, hosted on the Creative Bloq YouTube channel, introduces the Burn tool. In the easy-to-follow video, discover how to selectively darken areas of an image, with an overview of settings and tips on working with Shadows, Midtones and Highlights.

Color Replacement Tool

Photoshop tutorials
Learn how to replace colours with this handy tool

Another of our YouTube Photoshop tutorials, this short video introduces the Color Replacement Tool, which lets you paint roughly over an area of an image. Discover how to replace colours based on Hue, Saturation, Colour and Luminosity.

Content-Aware Move Tool

Photoshop tutorials
This cool tool tells you heal unwanted portions of your photo

This Photoshop tutorial introduces the Content-Aware Move Tool. In the easy-to-follow video, we reveal how Photoshop can analyse pixels and heal unwanted portions within an image.

Custom Shape Tool

Photoshop tutorials
Discover the Custom Shape tool in this video tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial introduces the Custom Shape Tool. Choose from a large selection of different shapes and learn how to use various settings such as Fill, Stroke and more.

Dodge Tool

Photoshop tutorials
Learn how to lighten select areas of an image with the Dodge tool

This Photoshop tutorial introduces the Dodge tool. You'll learn how to selectively lighten areas of an image. Learn about brush options, Range, and Exposure. Brighten eyes, pick out details, and much more!

Master Photoshop CS6's Crop tool step-by-step

This Photoshop tutorial is a fantastic way to get to grips with the crop tool. It's set out in a step-by-step fashion to help make the process of mastering it even easier.

The Blur Gallery

 Blur Gallery
Find out how to use the Blur Gallery, which allows for photo-realistic depth

One of the most popular features in Photoshop has been the Blur Gallery - three brand new filters that allows for photo-realistic depth. Discover how you can use them in your work in this Photoshop tutorial.

Iris Blur in Photoshop CS6

Iris blur is basically the opposite of field blur, in which you can blur everything apart from where your pin is placed. Learn the ropes with this simple step-by-step Photoshop tutorial.

Get creative with the Photoshop Brush tool

Photoshop tutorials
Get to grips with one of the most powerful tools in your creative arsenal - the Brush tool

Get an overview of the Brush tool in this brilliant Photoshop tutorial. Find out what it can do and how best to use it.

How to use Photoshop's Curves and Adjustment Layers

Discover how you can quickly adjust dull skies and improve your landscapes using Adobe Photoshop's Curves and Adjustment Layers in this Photoshop tutorial.

7 Pro tips and techniques

Add drama with the Radial Blur Filter

Photoshop tutorials
The Radial Blur filter is a great way to add motion and speed to your images

In this Photoshop tutorial, learn how to use CS5's built-in filter effects to add a feeling of movement and power to your images.

Use Adjustment Layers to tone an image

This Photoshop tutorial explains how to add a variety of tone and colour effects using the Adjustment Layers option in Photoshop CS5.


Use Photoshop's Tilt-Shift filter

Using Photoshop's CS6 Tilt-shift blur effect, Ben Secret explains an innovative approach to saturation by creating a miniature model village. In this Photoshop tutorial you'll learn how to simulate an exaggerated depth-of-field effect.

The ultimate guide to adjustment layers - curves

Curves allows you to adjust the tonal values in an image, increase or decrease the exposure, or automatically colour correct. This tutorial provides a comprehensive explanation of the Curves functions and how to use them.

Combine colour with monochrome in Photoshop

Get creative with colour, learn how to create a wider tonal range, and create classic images with added impact in six simple steps! A fantastic Photoshop tutorial to boost your skills.

Five top Photoshop tips for great spot colour

Learn how to use Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layers and S-shaped curves for excellent spot colour results in this Photoshop tutorial.

How to body sculpt using the liquify tool

Fancy mastering the art of airbrushing? This Photoshop tutorial will get you started as it describes how to use liquify for photo retouches.

4 ways to fix problems

Erase unwanted backgrounds in Photoshop

Use the Eraser tools to select and delete unwanted backgrounds - or even just parts of them. We show you how in this Photoshop tutorial.

Post-production fixes

Photography in design can be a tricky aspect. Ten world-renowned designers channel their best advice on how to get the most from your photos using Photoshop in post-production.

Blur backgrounds easily in Photoshop

Wished you'd taken that shot with a wider aperture? Make it happen in Photoshop using a blur filter and a painted mask.

The complete guide to fixing exposure in Photoshop

What is a histogram? How do you fix poorly exposed photos? We answer these questions and more with this Photoshop tutorial walking you through exposure in Photoshop CS6 and Camera Raw.

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