60 top-class Photoshop tutorials to try

How to create masks in Photoshop 
Digital art Masks can seem daunting at first, but once you start using them you’ll never go back. In this Photoshop tutorial, Paul Canavan offers some tips for how to get started.

6 essential Photoshop layers to improve your images
James Paterson outlines the six most frequently used Photoshop layers for image editing, and explains how you can use them to improve almost any photo.

How to use Smart layers in Photoshop
When incorporating repeating designs and patterns into an illustration, Smart layers are your friend. Discover how to use them to create a separate layered PSD that can be embedded into your original PSD, allowing you to create a large-scale design element that can be resized without losing fidelity.

How to manage colours in Photoshop  
In this helpful tutorial, Sebastian Bleak provides an overview for anyone who is new to colour management, with practical advice for managing colours in Photoshop. 

Get creative with Photoshop Blend Modes
Photoshop Blend Modes give you the power to combine layers and images for a huge variety of effects. James Paterson explains how these Photoshop effects work, and some of the wonderful things you can do with them.

Easy ways to add texture to vector graphics in Photoshop
Discover how to quickly and easily apply textured elements to your flat vector graphic in Photoshop, from the fairly basic to the more advanced layer mask options.

How to create a Snapchat Geofilter in Photoshop 
Discover how to create a custom Snapchat Geofilter with this simple step-by-step guide from Simon Middleweek.

Photoshop for web design: 20 pro tips 
In this Photoshop tutorial, David Everly and Dan Rose offer some top tips for being more efficient when creating website graphics. 

Make a composite in Photoshop
Another of Adobe’s one-minute series of videos. This tutorial shows you a quick way to make a composite in Photoshop, in the time it takes you to boil a kettle.

Make an animated GIF in Photoshop 
Who doesn’t love an animated GIF? Follow this one-minute video from Adobe and learn how to make your own, directly in Photoshop.

Get creative with Face-Aware Liquify  
Photoshop's Liquify tool has some powerful facial recognition skills, enabling it to detect areas of the face, such as the eyes, mouth and overall face shape, so you can adjust and warp them with impunity. This tutorial explains how to get the most from it.

Create style frames in Photoshop 
A style frame is a snapshot of a finished frame as it would look within a longer animation. It aims to capture the overall look and feel of an animated or live action video, but in a still image. This tutorial walks through how to create one.

Make a double exposure in Photoshop  
Adobe's 60-second Make It Now video shows you how to use Photoshop to create an impressive double exposure effect.

The Refine Edge box tool explained
If you've ever tried to change the background of a person with frizzy hair or a horizon dotted with bushy foliage, you'll know just how intensely time consuming this can be. Luckily the Photoshop CC Refine Edge box tool is here to make your life easier. Learn about its seven main features in this tutorial.

Combine traditional and digital skills to create a comic cover 
If you like working with traditional materials, there's still plenty you can do in Photoshop to give your work more impact. Here Chris Visions explains how to draw a comic cover by hand then take it into Photoshop to colour and light it, and to add eye-catching filters.

Rapid site prototyping in Photoshop CC  
Photoshop CC offers a comprehensive toolset for mocking up websites quickly and easily. In this tutorial, Antony Kitson explains how to use the key features to get an idea across to a client or developer.

Age a photograph in Photoshop CC
Ageing a photograph in Photoshop is a classic technique that can turn a ho-hum, full colour image into something striking. However, it’s more than merely converting a photograph to sepia tones and calling it a day. In this tutorial you'll learn how to age a photograph using the duotone technique.

Make a poster from a template in Photoshop
This Photoshop tutorial from Adobe will show you how to make a poster from a template – in under than 60 seconds. Whether you're a beginner or just want a (very) quick refresher, this walkthrough will have you designing posters faster than ever.

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