Wacom gives instant messaging an arty twist

The tablet maker launches Bamboo Loop, a unique mobile messaging platform that designers and artists will love.

Graphics tablet guru and stylus specialist Wacom may be the last company you'd expect to enter the social media arena, but here it is. Taking on the established players Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram would be ambitious to say the least, so Wacom's Bamboo Loop does things a little differently to the norm.

Unlike Wacom's straight-down-the-line iPad art app, Bamboo Paper, iPhone-only app Bamboo Loop is a mobile messenger where you communicate with people using 'Loop cards' that you can customise with scribbles and other tools. You then send the 'cards' to friends or share using the app's integration with the aforementioned social networks.

You can reply to a card that you've received too: simply write or scribble on the card sent to you and 'loop' it back with a swipe - hence the app's name. Bamboo Loop is designed to work with Wacom's recently-released Bamboo Stylus Mini, but it can also be used with more traditional finger-input.

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