Find the best iPad Air 4 generation prices in February 2024

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If you're looking for the best iPad Air 4 generation prices, you'll find them right here. We're tracking the best prices on the 2020 version of the iPad Air on this page – and the prices have been especially good lately, with retailers offering discounts since Apple launched the new 2022 iPad Air 5 earlier this year.

We're big fans of the iPad Air here at Creative Bloq. It isn't quite as powerful as the stunning iPad Pro 11 and 12.9, but Apple's highest-end tablets are really overkill for many people. The iPad Air occupies a nice middle ground, offering a better screen and performance than the standard iPad without being so expensive as the iPad Pro. 

A new iPad Air was released in March 2022, giving the mid-range tablet a boost in power with the addition of Apple's M1 chip. But other than that boost in processing power, the iPad 5 is quite a similar proposition to the 4th generation model, so the iPad Air 4 is still a good tablet to consider if you're looking for a bargain. With the newer model now on sale, you might find some good savings on this older device, which still offers great performance. 

We'll link to the best current deals that we can find below. With rumours circulating about a possible Amazon fall event, it's worth keeping an eye on our Apple Prime Day for deals too. If you want to see where the iPad Air 4th Gen sits in the iPad family tree, see our full list of all the iPad generations. And if you're looking for iPad accessories, don't miss our guides to the best iPad keyboards and the best iPad stands.

The best iPad Air 4 generation price right now

Three models of the Rose Gold iPad Air 2020.

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iPad Air (4th Gen, 2020)

The iPad that's best for the majority of people.

Display: 10.9-inches | Processor: A14 Bionic | Storage: 64GB-256G | Apple Pencil: 2nd Gen

Beautiful design
Really powerful
Slim and portable
Nothing at this price

We're still big fans of the 4th Gen iPad Air, even though it's got a newer, more Pro-like brother in the M1-chipped 5th Gen Air. Why? Because it still does what it aims to do brilliantly, and because it doesn't have that latest chip, you're more likely to find a competitive iPad Air 4 generation price. It's great for browsing and media consumption, and it supports Apple Pencil 2, making it a great option for digital art too.

While the iPad Air 4 generation price starts at $599/£579 for the 64GB wifi model, we've seen iPad Air 2020 prices regularly fall to $549/£559 over the two and a half years that it's been on sale. Now with the newer iPad Air on sale, we've seen bigger savings, the lowest price yet being $469, which we've seen at Amazon several times in recent months – and not during any specific retail event, so look out for even bigger savings during Black Friday or other sales. 

As for the 256GB configuration, that starts at $749/£729. The WiFi + cellular version retail at $729 and $879 respectively. Again we've been seeing fairly regular discounts, but there seems to be less availability on the cellular versions. See our full iPad Air 2020 review for more details.

Which iPad Air should I buy today?

There are two iPad Airs on the market today if you're looking for an unused device: the 2020 iPad Air 4th generation, which we've looked at above, and the 2022 iPad Air 5, which was released in March. 

If you want the fastest processing power, then you'll want to go for the newer model. It's the same size (10.9in) as the 2020 iPad Air, and it has the same design and very similar battery life. The big difference, however, is the inclusion of the M1 chip – the same chip used in the 2021 iPad Pros – for a boost in power. See our Apple iPad Air (5th Gen, 2022) review and our roundup of the best iPad Air 5 prices for more details.

However, if you're looking for the best price possible, we're seeing very good iPad Air 4 generation prices at the moment, which is logical following the release of a newer model. The iPad Air 4 is still a stunning tablet and can keep up with today's demands, so we'd certainly recommend considering it if you spot a particularly good deal above. See iPad Air 4 vs iPad Air 5 for a detailed comparison of the two tablets.

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