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Top creatives select the best work of 2013

We all love to see amazing and imaginative work - it's one of the good reasons to visit this very site every day. But however much we admire great work, there's always going to be a small part of us that burns with jealously, encouraging us to beat ourselves up to the refrain "I wish I'd made that!"

Now D&AD, the veteran organisation that exists to promote excellence in design and advertising worldwide, has taken that idea and run with it, asking some of the world's best-known creatives to name the work in 2013 that made them think "I wish I'd done that".

Here's what they had to say. Don't forget to also see our guide to the biggest logo design trends this year.

01. Jessica Walsh

Partner at the celebrated New York design studio Sagmeister & Walsh, Jessica Walsh chose Experimental Jetset's identity for the Whitney Museum - which also happened to be one of our top 10 logo designs of 2013. "This kind of changing morphing logo that can adapt across all medias," enthused Walsh. "This I think they can hand of to another design team and it allows for authorship."

02. Iain Tait

Executive creative director at Google Chrome Labs, Iain Tait chose Philips Hue and its connection with the 'If This Then That' (IFTTT) app. As we explain in this article, IFTTT is a free web service that enables you to get your apps working together, for a faster workflow and an easier life. Tait praises Phillips for connecting up its smart lightbulbs with the service so that "for example I could say: 'Looking at ESPN, when my favourite team wins a game, change the lightbulb to red'."

03. Rankin

Legendary photographer Rankin selected a piece of work called 'Fashion Film' by Matthew Frost: a rich genre parody of the current crop of mid-length fashion commercials.

Says Rankin of the genre: "There's this mid-range stuff that's very insipid and a little bit naff. Matthew Frost has done a script that takes the piss completely out of it. For a lot of people in fashion, it hit the nail on the head. It's very clever: all of the styling, the production design and the dialogue is so good, it’s so precise. Fashion needs a little bit of humour - it can take itself a little too seriously."

04. Dan Wieden

Chairman of Wieden+Kennedy, Dan Wieden chose Barton F Graf 9000's Climate Name Change campaign. This was based on a simple but devastatingly effective idea - changing the titles of hurricanes from random names like Katrina and Sandy to those of politicians who argue climate change does not exist. "That is so damn powerful and insightful," says Wieden. "It should run them, hopefully, out of town."

How the animation was made

Each of the videos, which were developed by Wieden+Kennedy, is bookended by a cool animated sequence created by Nexus directors Factory Fifteen, taking viewers inside the iconic D&AD Yellow Pencil to reveal the worlds of design, advertising and digital and highlight the breadth and quality of work awarded at D&AD. This video interview looks behind the scenes to find out how it was made:

The official entry deadline for this year’s D&AD Awards is Wednesday 29 January. A one-week extension will be made until Wednesday 5 February with a 20 per cent surcharge.

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