How to draw: 95 tutorials for drawing animals, people, landscapes and more

Looking for some tips on how to draw mythical creatures? Then you’ve come to the right place. The key, as you’ll see from the tutorials here, is to make sure the anatomy is realistic. Your invention can be utterly otherworldly, but it’ll need to look like it moves in a way that convinces viewers. 

Whether you’re looking to find out how to draw a dragon, ghost, unicorn or more, we’ve got the best tutorials right here. Read on to discover how to draw mythical creatures…

How to draw a dragon
One of the best places to start learning how to draw mythical creatures is with a dragon. But as the author of this tutorial makes clear, dragons aren't just lizards with wings. Here's how to draw a dragon with personality.  

How to draw mythical creatures: 6 pro tips
When you're drawing creatures, it's vital that they're believable if you want to keep your audience engaged. This tutorial offers advice for creating imaginary creatures.

How to draw a ghost
Forget sheets with holes cut in them, ghosts in fantasy art often need to be a little more scary. This tutorial walks through how to draw a ghost in four simple steps. 

How to draw a unicorn
Learn how to paint a unicorn as part of an enchanting fantasy forest scene in this tutorial. The artist uses oil paints and mimics a classical art style.

How to draw mythical creatures: fantasy beasts
Once you've designed your imaginary creature, you need to bring it to life. In this article, Emily Hare shares some tips for painting believable beasts in pencil and watercolour.

Improve your character drawing
In this article, a former Disney artist shows you how to draw dynamic creatures. His advice is to take the principles of traditional art, and apply them to your digital paintings.

How to draw imaginary creatures
Dreaming up imaginary creatures that appear realistic is easier said than done. Emily Hare is a leading illustrator known for her charming paintings of fantasy creatures. In this how-to, she shares some advice for concocting your own creature designs.

How to draw a slimy mythical creature
It is possible to create photoreal slime in your digital artwork by using your brushes in the right way. In this tutorial, Paco Torres explains how.

How to draw nose slime
Achoo! In this sticky tutorial, illustrator John Petersen explains how to create viscous-looking snot using Photoshop. Also useful for any kind of slime.

How to paint a nightmare creature
Concept artist Mark Molnar uses shadows, suggestion, and elements of gruesome imagery to create a creature from a nightmare.

Paint a galactic space princess
Zezhou Chen reveals how he gives his celestial warrior princess the romance and magic she deserves. This Photoshop tutorial offers tips for painting your own space princess.

Draw a Pan's Labyrinth-style monster
Follow these steps to create an atmospheric painting inspired by Guillermo del Toro's cult film Pan's Labyrinth. This artist uses a range of traditional media to create different effects.

How to paint a Yeti
In this tutorial, visual development artist Mark Molnar reveals how to paint a monstrous Yeti-style creature with layers of fearsome teeth.

11 top tips for creating fearsome creatures
Sam Rowan is a specialist in creating creature concepts, with a list of credits that include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Here he shares his top tips for creating imaginative movie monsters.

How to paint a monster from a silhouette
Concept artist Mark Molnar explains the benefits of working up a silhouette as opposed to a sketch in this step-by-step digital art tutorial. 

12 tips for how to draw nightmare mythical creatures
Anthony Scott Waters explains how to examine the darkest aspects of human nature in order to create truly terrifying imaginary creatures.

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