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Young designers to watch in 2015: Jack Beveridge

The D&AD New Blood Academy (opens in new tab) is the ultimate prize for young creatives. Open to application from the brightest stars at the New Blood Awards & Exhibitions from around the world, the Academy is an intensive two-week industry crash-course designed to springboard new talent into industry jobs and placements.

In this series of interviews, we present some of the ones to watch from this summer's New Blood Academy, supported by WPP (opens in new tab). Last week we introduced Aileen Poe (opens in new tab) and here we catch up with graphic designer Jack Beveridge.

  • Course: Graphic Design
  • University: Kingston
  • Achievements: D&AD Yellow Pencil (Advertising), National Trust, Student Awards, 2014, D&AD InBook (Film Craft), DCM, Student Awards, 2014, D&AD Yellow Pencil (Intergrated Graphics), Random Dance, Professional Awards (Magpie Studio), 2014

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Graphic designer Jack Beveridge

Graphic designer Jack Beveridge

Hello. I'm Jack, I do lots of stuff. I make things, film things, bend things, sometimes invent things. I ran the marathon when I was 18 and haven't run since. I'm interested in ideas, not disciplines. If my mum likes it, then it's normally okay.

What inspires your work?

I think the best ideas start with something you love. I try to use things I really understand to help me answer questions I don't. Inspiration has come from feeling claustrophobic, having a conversation about being a kid, listening to people outside a cinema, being friends with a builder, playing with paper. I use simple, everyday things close to me. I think it helps relate to people on a more human level.

What's next for you?

I've got lots going on right now which is great, but it's hard to say what will be next. I've had some fantastic opportunities and offers since graduating and leaving the New Blood Academy, so I've got some fairly big decisions to make.

I'd like to open my own studio, but not for another year or two. There's a lot of people who know a lot of stuff I don't. Whatever happens, I want to keep playing, that's what makes me happy.

In the meantime, I'm working on a few things, including: Inventing a new way to donate organs, creating a moving house of mirrors, faking my family heirlooms, trying to learn tennis (again), thinking of alternative uses for cashpoints, and saving to buy a Vespa. They should keep me busy for a while.

Finally, we asked Beveridge to talk us through a few recent projects...

01. Children's chairs

Primary school children were asked 'Please draw a chair'

Primary school children were asked 'Please draw a chair'

We wanted to explore the untainted imagination of a child. A class of seven- to eight-year-olds designed their vision of a chair, we made them into reality.

Working with a local primary school, we took an art class and gave the children a simple piece of paper with the words, 'please draw a chair'. With a little encouragement and some colouring-in pencils, the children started scribbling away their dream chair!

Two of the children's drawings were chosen to be put into production

Two of the children's drawings were chosen to be put into production

After an hour, we had the most amazing selection of designs. We then set ourselves the challenge of building two of our favourites.

02. Bubu

The book that doubles as a bookend

The book that doubles as a bookend

Swiss bookbinders Bubu set a competition to design a book which answers the question: 'What else can the book be or do as a physical object?'

The Pocketbook

The Pocketbook

Bound and crafted by hand, the Bookend and the Pocket Book both play on the everyday scenarios they might be found in.

Both designs are now being produced

Both designs are now being produced

Both books were selected by Bubu, and are now in production at their factory in Zurich.

03. 100 Faces

How do you show the emotion of film, when everyone in the audience responds differently? We filmed each person's individual reaction to the same scene. We then compiled these into one image.

04. More Space

This was an entry into the D&AD New Blood Awards this year which won a New Blood Yellow Pencil in response to the National Trust brief. The question was, how do you reconnect an urban audience with nature?

With over 600,000 acres, the National Trust owns more land than anyone else in the UK. I decided to give people in a crowded city a taste of what it could feel like to have more space.

To find out more about the D&AD New Blood programme, visit (opens in new tab)

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