Wacom pen not working? Here’s how to fix it

wacom pen not working bamboo
(Image credit: Jesse Wild/MacFormat Magazine/Future via Getty Images)

A Wacom not working can be a frustrating experience. You sit down with your Wacom digital tablet, ready to work on your next project, but to your horror, the pen elicits no response. Your first reaction should be to follow the age-old advice of IT departments everywhere and turn your device off and on again. But what do you if the Wacom pen doesn't work after that?

We're big fans of Wacom tablets, but our contributors have inevitably come up against that experience of their Wacom pen not working. Below, we compile their top tips for possible solutions. Some of them may seem quite obvious; others perhaps less so. In any case, one of these solutions could be just what you need to get your Wacom pen working again.

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Alison Barretta

Alison is a freelance writer and editor from Philadelphia, USA. She's been sharing buying advice and retail news for over a decade. When she isn't hunting for deals, Alison can be found teaching/training in martial arts, fawning over skincare, and indulging in her quarantine-borne hobby: cooking. She has written for a number of publications including TechRadar, Forbes and Business Insider.