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Yesterday's newspapers become today's sacred art

newspaper art

Artist Shanti Grumbine creates a whole host of inspiring paper art

We love our paper art here at Creative Bloq, and last month we brought your attention to the amazing things Canadian creative Myriam Dion has done with copies of the International Herald tribune. Now here's another impressive example of newspaper art, courtesy of American artist Shanti Grumbine.

"In my project Kenosis, I utilize the erasure and excision of the New York Times Newspaper to elicit a sacred experience of the everyday," Grumbine explains. "By physically removing content, I make space for what has been censored in media as well as what is lost in the translation of experience into words."

Grumbine creates a whole host of inspiring and thought-provoking pieces of paper art, as well as working with other materials. Be sure to head on over to her website if you like the look of this project.

newspaper art

newspaper art

newspaper art

[via Laughing Squid]

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