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New Apple MacBook Pro 2021 design leaks reveal a major new look

Apple has only just updated the MacBook range, packing its super-powerful new M1 chip into both the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in November. But while we were blown away by the performance of the new internals, we were disappointed Apple didn't see fit to update the design of the machines. But new leaks suggest that could be about to change.

According to Bloomberg, a "a person with knowledge of the plans" (Tim Cook, perhaps?) has revealed that a major MacBook Pro redesign is in the works for 2021 – and there are two huge changes in store. Finally, it seems our best laptop for graphic design is getting an overdue makeover. It seems not only will the 2021 MacBook lose one of its most controversial features, but it'll also see the comeback of an old favourite.

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According to Bloomberg, the 2021 MacBook Pro is set to say goodbye to the Touch Bar once and for all. Long derided as a cumbersome and more inconvenient way of control scheme than physical keys, the Touch Bar, introduced in 2016, hasn't exactly become a fan favourite. And if this allows for more USB-C ports as the report suggests, then at least the Touch Bar will be leaving room for something, you know, useful.

Touch bar

Is the touch bar finally on the way out? (Image credit: Apple)

Speaking of ports, it seems an old feature could be making its way back to the MacBook Pro, in the form of the magnetic MagSafe charging port. While it might seem odd for a years-old feature to make a comeback, the tech has already been resurrected for the iPhone 12. Not entirely successfully, we might add – from useless wallets to ugly cases, MagSafe hasn't had the most auspicious start on the iPhone.

iPhone 12 cases

MagSafe for iPhone didn't have the best of starts (Image credit: Apple)

Still, the 'Safe' part of the tech made always much more sense on the MacBook – as anyone who's ever accidentally yanked a $1,000+ device from their desk will attest. And with MagSafe said to offer faster charging than the current USB-C port, it could offer a double win for users: safety and speed.

With many machines in the Mac lineup sporting somewhat dated designs (the 2020 iMac is identical to the 2012 iMac – seriously), we're pleased to hear things are some changes in store. That said, right now, laptops don't come much more impressive than the new M1 Apple laptops. See our MacBook Pro 13-inch (M1) review and MacBook Air (M1 2020) review for more details. And check out today's best prices on the powerful new devices:  

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