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How to build an app

Want to build an app for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows? These app tutorials will tell you how.

You've got a great idea but you need some help - discover how to build an app for Android, iOS or Windows with these easy-to-follow tutorials for everyone from amateurs to pros.

In a world where smartphone use is rising exponentially, the opportunities to make a name for yourself, not to mention a ton of money, by turning your app idea into reality are huge. So whether you're building for Android or iOS, there are several tutorials here to help you.

Android app tutorials

Interactive Android tutorial

Teaching technology via app development, Codelearn offers this interactive Android tutorial, in which you will learn how to build a full fledged Twitter Android app.

Building your first Android app

This tutorial teaches you how to build your first Android app. You'll learn how to create an Android project and run a debuggable version of the app. You'll also learn some fundamentals of Android app design, including how to build a simple user interface and handle user input.

Develop an Android app: video tutorials

This handy 'playlist' of Android development tutorials will take you through everything from downloading the SDK to putting your app on the market.

Create your first Android mobile app

app tutorials

A very short beginner introduction tutorial, this shows you how to create a mobile app for Android. The tutorial is based on API Level 17 and Android 4.2. Starting from scratch, you should have a mp/h to km/h converter at the end.

Build your first Android app

Build your first Android app

This tutorial gets you started with Android development without requiring you to wade through pages of technical documentation. At the end, you'll have written a simple Android app and you will be able to deploy the application onto an emulator or a real Android device.

How to build an Android app

There are two techniques that you can use to produce Android applications with a PC. The first uses the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). This lets you write raw code and helps you get it working in the Android environment. The second uses App Inventor, a Google Labs tool that's still in beta. This tutorial demonstrates how to go about doing both.

How to develop an Android app

app tutorials

In this four-part tutorial, you'll learn the basics of developing an app for Android. A perfect starting point for any beginner, the series will explain the programming terminology used as well as any strange acronyms.

HelloWorld application using Android Studio

Google recently announced a new IDE for Android called Android Studio. This tutorial explains how to install Android Studio on your Windows 7 machine and create a new HelloWorld application.

How to install Android SDK

App tutorials

Learn how to to install the Android software development kit and set up your development environment for the first time.

Getting To Know The Android Platform

Getting To Know The Android Platform

This article explains what you need to do to build a scalable app that looks and feels right at home on Android, how to test it and your options for distributing it. After reading this article, you should have a good understanding of what kinds of decisions and challenges you will face when creating an Android app.

Advanced Android

Designing For A Maturing Android

app tutorials

Around 480 million people currently use Android devices, and one million new devices are activated daily. Learn your market with this introduction to a maturing Andriod app audience.

Build a photo sharing app for Android

app tutorials

In this step by step tutorial you'll build SnapStack, a photo sharing application, from start to finish. Building SnapStack on StackMob you'll build a feature-filled app that includes User Authentication, S3 integration and more.

Unit testing with Android Studio

If you plan on doing test drive development for your Android Studio mobile projects, you will want to learn the main points of how to create and use Unit Tests in the post-Eclipse world of Android development. Rex St. John outlines all you need to know.

iOS app tutorials

How To Make iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience

How to build an app tutorials

This series of app tutorials teaches people how to build iPhone and iPad applications who have no programming experience. The focus is on explaining things in simple, plain English and get people started making their own apps, slowly introducing concepts as you need them.

Create a simple iPhone app

App tutorials

If you're new to iOS development then this easy to follow tutorial may be just what you need. Ray Wenderlich explains how to create an entire functional app from scratch for beginners.

How to create a simple iPhone app

An excerpt of a course, this simple tutorial allows you to get started with creating an iPhone app. It won't show you how to do absolutely everything but it will most certainly help you to get started and learn the basics. You'll be on your way to iPhone app stardom in no time after learning these crucial ground rules.

Beginner's guide to iOS development

How to build an app tutorials

In this app tutorial, Jake Rocheleau, a user experience designer for both web and mobile platforms, provides a thorough and practical explanation of all the different stages of creating an app for the iPhone, from sketching your UI to developing your code.

iPhone application development: Hello World

How to build an app tutorials

This simple step-by-step guide will show you how you can create a quick and easy 'Hello World' programme.

Build a note-taking app for iOS 7

In just over an hour, this easy-to-follow video tutorial will take you through how to build a note-taking app from scratch, using the iOS SDK and Xcode to get the job done. Part of the Lynda training library, a subscription is needed to watch this tutorial. However, right now, you can also access it for free with Lynda's seven day trial offer

Create your first iPhone app

How to build an app tutorials

Anyone can make an iPhone app, it's just a matter of knowing the process required to make it happen. Here, web and mobile UI designer Jen Gordon explains exactly what you need to do to create your first iPhone app.

Design and code an iPhone app website in HTML5

How to build an app tutorials

In this tutorial, you'll build a cool iPhone app using an HTML5 structure, and add visual styling with some CSS3 effects.

Simple iPhone app development tutorial

How to build an app tutorials

Aimed at those who are new to Xcode and Objective-C, this app tutorial explains how to make an app that changes the background picture of the app by dragging a selector on the thumb of the image.

A guide to iOS app development for web designers

How to build an app tutorials

This tutorial will help you to get to know the iOS development tools a little better. Be warned though, this isn't one for absolute beginners - you must have some knowledge of Objective-C and computer science to get to grips with it.

How to make an HTML5 iPhone app

How to build an app tutorials

Alex Kessinger explains how to create an offline HTML5 iPhone application.

Make an iPhone app with MySQL and WordPress

Three tutorials for the price of one, here, as Chris Ching shows you how to make three different types of iPhone apps using web hosting, WordPress and MySQL databases to power them. You'll learn how get data from a MySQL database, create a companion app for a WordPress website and make a mobile version of responsive site.

Design an iOS inferface:

Design UI elements for iOS

How to build an app tutorials

Román Jusdado reveals how to design UI elements for an iOS app using Layer Styles in Photoshop.

How to create iPad Apps in InDesign CS6

How to build an app tutorials

In this Adobe episode, you'll learn how to create iPad Apps using Adobe InDesign CS6. Build your Folio in InDesign CS6, add interactivity, use Alternate Layouts, build your App and load it on your iPad or submit it to the App Store.

Design an iPad app user interface

Design an iPad app user interface

Apposing's Dave Brown reveals how to prototype a user interface for an iPad app in Photoshop.

Design a photorealistic iOS app icon

Design a photorealistic iOS app icon

Roman Jusdado reveals how to use Photoshop's layer styles to create an Instagram-esque iOS icon from scratch.

Advanced iOS

Get started writing iOS apps with RubyMotion

Building on Apple's platform has traditionally required experience in a niche programming language, Objective-C. However, with the release of RubyMotion, anyone can make a completely native iOS app using the power of Ruby.

How to design an open-source iPhone game

Zack Grossbart made a new iPhone game based on a famous math problem called The Seven Bridges of Königsberg. He's selling it in the App Store, but I also want to share it with everyone, so he made it open source. This tutorial walks you through how he made it.

Create an iPad game

Create an iPad game

Appcelerator Titanium is a fantastically versatile tool for creating mobile apps, as Anton Mills demonstrates with this game for the iPad.

Create an iPhone game

Create an iPhone game

Hello Monday walks you through how to turn a rejected concept into a GPS-based arcade game.

Build Missile Command with Sprite Kit

Create an old-skool arcade game for the iPad! In this tutorial you'll learn all about sprites, touches, physics, collisions, and explosions, and how to put them all together into a version of the classic Missile Command. The second part of the tutorial introduces physics, and also shows you how to expand the experience with a multiplayer mode.

Cross-platform apps

How to improve your app in 5 easy steps

Once your app is launched, how do you make it better? Alon Even outlines a five-step process for refining your design.

Top 10 tips for naming your app

Want to make a fortune from your app? Dan Rose explains how picking the right name can make all the difference.

Build an app in 45 minutes with Meteor

app tutorials

This isn't a traditional tutorial. Instead, it's a play-by-play walkthrough of how the app was coded within  one hour, including the usual dumb mistakes and wrong turns.

How to use icon fonts in your mobile apps

Designing for mobile can become complex quite quickly. Due to the variety of different screen sizes and pixel densities, it's almost impossible to provide pixel-perfect visuals for native apps. However, icon fonts are a perfect way of incorporating scalable graphics into any app design. Robert Brauer demonstrates how to use them for native mobile app development.

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