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Instagram app reimagined with flat design

Instagram redesign concept 1

Another day, another major brand's design is flattened in the name of progress. Well, not officially, but just in case photography app Instagram should decide to follow the flat design trend, UX designer Shadman Ahmed has come up with this eye-opening concept.

Microsoft first trod the flat design path with its Metro/Windows 8 interface, but major players including Facebook, Apple and Ford have joined them in replacing 3D shading with clean 2D lines.

New Delhi-based designer Ahmed, who specialises in UX and UI design, has created the concept interface to give "a cleaner looking UI for Instagram". He has called the concept "White Space", and it features simplified versions of existing Instagram features as well as completely reimagining elements including the explore, options, and news/notifications screens.

Instagram redesign concept 2

Instagram redesign concept 3

Instagram redesign concept 4

Instagram redesign concept 5

Instagram redesign concept 6

Check out more details about Ahmed's concept on his Behance page.

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