6 trends that are changing the face of UX

An flat, vector-style illustration showing various elements of UX including wireframing and featuring services whose UX is being improved, such as social media companies and driverless cars.

When I started my UX career, the iPhone didn’t exist. I was wireframing screens for car navigation systems using PowerPoint. User experience consisted of interacting with the touchscreen interface with their fingers or voice. Tap was the only gesture; there was no swipe, pinch or slide. There were quite a few voice commands but they were difficult to recall, and you had to say them a specific way. Even then, the system didn’t understand it most of the time.

Today, when new web design tools are released every day, swipe is the new click. Technology has made it possible for us to talk to computers as if they were human. We’re designing experiences for multiple platforms using design-specific tools (a top website builder will help here). The rules have changed: the next generation of UX designers will face new challenges that will impact our everyday lives (take the edge off with a super web hosting service).

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Kenny is the director of UX design at Bankrate. He curates UX Design Weekly, a hand-picked list of the best user experience design links.