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8 essential courses to refine your digital design skills

(Image credit: Pixabay on Pexels)

Every job, every client and every day is different as a designer. The need to keep growing and adding new skills to your repertoire? That's a constant. Whether you're working on a project that requires WordPress skills, or are diving into more editing-heavy work with Photoshop, continuing your design education can certainly never hurt.

The Complete Learn To Design Bundle is a great resource for diving into the technical tools often required: from InDesign and Photoshop to Bootstrap and Sketch. Currently price-dropped to only $39, the bundle of online courses will provide instruction on eight vital platforms and tools.

With over 100 hours of content and 400 lessons, the bundle includes courses such as a beginner-friendly look at Photoshop and code-free Wordpress tutorials. You'll dive into the anatomy of typography and refine your knowledge of building websites with HTML and CSS. And that's just the beginning. Each session has step-by-step instructions and downloadable exercises so you can flex your creative muscles and learn by doing.

With 24/7 access, each tutorial can be referenced whenever you find yourself needing guidance. You'll have lifetime access to all the materials, so you can come back and review when you need a spark inspiration. 

Usually, $1129.92, The Complete Learn to Design Bundle has been price dropped for a limited time only to $39 – that's over 95% off. It's the perfect sign that it's time to sharpen up your design skills.

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