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The 10 best 3D animated graduation shorts

Each year, international film schools throw up fresh 3D talent, and every the animated shorts they produce for graduation get more and more impressive.

Over the last 12 months, international film schools such as Supinfocom, ESCAC, Filmakademie and École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifsare have produced some incredible talent, and their work stand testimony to their success. Here, we've picked our 10 favourite 3D animation shorts created by students to showcase their imagination, creativity and breathtaking animation. Watch out 3D animators, these guys are after your job!

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Supinfocom graduate was asked to create an animated short based on French song lyrics and went with "It's 5:00, Paris wakes up" by Jacques Dutronc. We love the mixed animation styles used here, which at points makes the short look like an oil painting. Never a bad thing!


Sometimes, we all feel a little bogged down with our jobs and seemingly endless responsibilities. This is the theme for Load, a 3D animated short by recent graduates David R. Christensen, Lasse H.N. Smith, Blake Overgaard, Jeppe Døcker, Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen, Malte Burup Jelshøj, Mark Kjærgaard of The Animation Workshop.

Voile Noir

This brilliant short mixes live action with breath-taking 3D animation. Created by Michael Balthazart, Clément Granjon, Quentin Sauvinet and Raphael Gaudin this could give the big guns of the movie world a serious run for their money. As graduates of Art-FX, the horizon certainly looks bright for these boys.


This cute and quirky 3D animated short was created by ESMA students Mickaël Bellamy, Coralie Braconnot, Franck Delfortrie and Julien Jamme. It tells the story of a pack of 'Cromags' who obtain fire without knowing how to make it. The 'Neandert' family are cold and once the father sees smoke in the distance he decides to investigate with a darkly hilarious outcome.

Swing of Change

Swing of Change is a poignant 3D animated short that tackles the issues of racism in a highly original way. Created by Harmony Bouchard, Andy Le Cocq, Joakim Riedinger and Raphael Cenzi - the now gradutes of ESMA. Credit is also due to the muscians and choreographers involved in the film, as their input completely makes Swing of Change stand out from the crowd.

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