The best print ads of February 2014

Despite the rise of the web, print advertising remains an extremely powerful marketing tool. Fully aware of this, agencies are constantly pushing creative boundaries in order to reach their target audience. And the simplest ideas are often the best, as this roundup of our favourite print ads from February shows...

01. Ikea

February print ads: Ikea

Ikea chairs get their groove on for Valentine's

February is Valentine's month, but how to celebrate without indulging in cliche and alienating the unattached half of the population? This tongue-in-cheek campaign for furniture retailer Ikea by BBH Singapore takes a simple but brilliant idea and uses it to raise a smile from people on both sides of the divide.

02. Queen Bee Salon and Spa

February 2014 print ads: Queen Bee

We couldn't agree more...

It's not just the obvious products and services that can take advantage of Valentine's Day. This amusing campaign, created for the Queen Bee Salon & Spa by LA agency Hanlon, draws on self-image paranoia masterfully. The slightly ruder part of the campaign can be seen here.

03. Lego

February 2014 print ads: Lego

A great example of the maxim "Show, don't tell"

It's a classic recipe for a successful print advertising campaign - a double-edged phrase and a series of quirky images that bring the alternative meaning to life. This campaign for Lego by French agency Grey Paris plays on the slogan 'Creativity forgives everything' with a series of scenes of young scamps misbehaving.


February 2014 print ads: OLED-TV

Is this the world's slimmest print ad?

Few print campaigns give much thought to the print products the ads will actually appear in. Here's one that does.

When M&C Saatchi Stockholm were asked to promote LG Electronics' new curved OLED-TV they noted that it was 4mm thin - the same width as the most-read tech magazine in the Nordics, Sound & Vision. The agency cleverly capitalised on the coincidence, using the magazine spine as a unique media placement - creating what they've called 'The World's Slimmest Ad' for 'The World's Slimmest OLED-TV'.

05. GECafe

February 2014 print ads: GeCafe

Who doesn't like a fire-breathing penguin?

How to best convey that the GE Cafe Refrigerator can serve hot water as well as cold? With a fire-breathing penguin of course! Need we say more? This beautifully effective print campaign was created by BBDO Canada.

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