The best print ads of June 2013

Print advertising is an extremely powerful marketing tool. Aware of this, ad agencies are constantly pushing creative boundaries in order to reach their target audience. Here are five of our favourite print ads released this month...

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01. WWF

This brilliant campaign by Ogilvy and Mather encourages people to stop buying and consuming rhino horn

Advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather recently created this anti rhino horn poaching print for the World Wildlife Fund. With the aim of encouraging Vietnamese citizens to stop buying or consuming rhino horn, the prints feature photorealistic rhinos, with their horns replaced by a pair of human hands and feet.

The aim is to point out to the general public that, despite myths related to the rhino horns curative properties, it's made largely of keratin, the same substance that makes up your finger nails and toe nails and will do nothing to treat the illnesses they believe it will.

02. National Geographic Kids Magazine

FoxP2 prove that, sometimes, school lessons just aren't enough...

School is great for teaching kids how to read, write, add up and know where places are in the world. But how much can school really teach about real life situations, like, encountering a bear for instance? Through a series of cartoon-style illustrations, this humorous campaign developed by FoxP2 of Cape Town, South Africa, points out that reading National Geographic Kids Magazine would come in much more handy.

03. Dumb Ways to Die

From digital to print - Dumb Ways to Die works perfectly with both

Back in November, Melbourne Australia's Metro train system decided to take a different approach to public safety video. Their ad 'Dumb Ways to Die' - featuring animated characters playing out the lyrics of a comedy song about idiotic deaths - quickly became a viral hit and won a series of awards.

The campaign, created in conjunction with Melbourne ad agency McCann, has now inspired a series of print ads - and they're just as brilliant. We love how the cuteness of the character designs in these posters is balanced by the amusing goriness of their deaths.

04. Nike - Art of Woven

We Are Golden developed this striking print campaign for Nike's Air Woven footwear

The team at Leeds-based creative agency We Are Golden are the brains behind this striking new print ad campaign for Nike and its woven trainers. First launched back in 2000, the Nike Air Woven footwear design turned heads with its unusual textile pattern - the shoe's upper hand woven using a combination of elastic and polyester webbing to ensure the perfect fit.

This bold, vibrant print campaign is also a total head-turner and therefore fits the product perfectly. Featuring minimal text and simple trainer illustrations, the We Are Golden team ensured the main selling point - the woven material - wouldn't go unnoticed with it providing the brightly coloured, textured backdrop for each print.

05. Pepsi

Hiding the logo - a step in the right direction?

Being one of the world's top brands, you need inventive advertising campaigns to keep at the top of your game. Not one to rest on its laurels, Pepsi asked advertising agency BBDO Dusseldorf to devise a German print campaign that would incorporate their logo design in an inventive and unique way.

Hiding Pepsi's iconic red, blue and white logo in a web of red and blue blood vessels, BBDO Dusseldorf has managed to create something quite arresting and it's certainly not what you'd usually expect from a Pepsi advert. As requested, the colours effectively convey the soft drink giant's overall brand identity without using the logo - but is it a step too far into the abstract?

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