The best print ads of March 2014

Despite the rise of the web, print advertising remains an extremely powerful marketing tool. Fully aware of this, agencies are constantly pushing creative boundaries in order to reach their target audience. And the simplest ideas are often the best, as this roundup of our favourite print ads from this month shows...

01. Oreo

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Perfectly depicting the taste of Oreo in one brilliant print ad

Oreo have a knack for creating really inspiring advertising campaigns, whether it's print, television or outdoor advertisements. You loved their animated billboards in Times Sqaure and now it seems they've triumphed once again with this brilliantly straightforward print ad. Created by the ESA St.Luc Tournai school in Belgium (art director Adrien Callewaert; copyrighter: Yannick Duvinage), this instantly evokes the taste of the Oreo cookie.

02. Roca

best print ads

This eye-catching ad instantly grabs attention

With a tag line like 'every wasted drop is a crime against nature,' you're going to grab the attention of the viewer. Created by Havas Worldwide Muscat to raise public awareness on the occassion of World Water Day, the drops are expertly put together to mimic a set of cuffs.

03. SNCM

best print ads

An adorable print ad to promote early booking discounts

A cute and colourful print ad to promote SNCM cruises, with the tag line 'this summer, nothing will stop your kids to travel to Corsica'. It comes from a range of three print ads created by French advertising agency Change, showing a range of toys trying to stop the children from leaving home.

04. Bic

best print ads

A clever print campaign for Bic's Wite-Out product

The idea behind using Wite-Out is to fix things. The campaign shows Bic Wite-Out correcting societal problems that are faced in Kenya: crime, poor infrastructure, poverty, lack of education etc. This series of print ads was created by Kenyan agency Flametree.

05. Cyclists awareness

best print ads March 2014

A thought-provoking print ad from Brazilian agency Heads Propaganda

"Every day, more and more cyclists are being killed in Brazilian streets and roads. Let's respect the cyclists. Let's stop hunting." That's what this print ad from Heads Propaganda in Brazil aims to promote and we think they've done a great job. Striking and immediately thought-provoking, it's a triumph of a print ad design.

Have you seen an inspiring print ad? Let us know in the comments box below!