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10 creative courses to help you start the year like a boss

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Creatives all have that long list of things they'd like to work on or achieve. These courses will help you to start 2020 off on the right track and get a head start on your creative objectives for the year. Continue learning, or start a new career and refine your design skills with these comprehensive course bundles.

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01. The complete 2020 Adobe CC certification bundle

With over 60 hours of lectures and 200 tutorials, the new and improved 2020 Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle is the perfect way to get more out of the Adobe CC programs you already use. The nine courses are geared towards all levels of experience, bringing tutorials from beginner to advanced into the mix. Brush up on Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, and more with this complete bundle. 

02. The ultimate UX/UI designer bundle

If designing a responsive and user-friendly website is at the top of your list for 2020, this bundle is for you. With over 35 hours of lectures and more than 200 tutorials, this set of courses is a great way to finesse your web design expertise and create functional websites. The eight-course training focuses on tutorials for frontend development, HTML5 Canvas, and so much more.

03. Pay what you want: Drawing fundamentals bundle


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Learn how to draw from professionals without enrolling in art school. This nine-course bundle will walk you through exercises and show you techniques like using coloured ballpoint pens, coloured pencils, pastels, and more. Geared at levels from beginner to advanced, you'll learn how to digitally draw and paint a variety of fantasy art elements with step-by-step instructions. With over 200 lessons, you can come back and visit each tutorial whenever inspiration strikes.

04. The ultimate graphic design bootcamp certification bundle

Help fast-track your way into a career in graphic design with this comprehensive 150 lesson training bundle. Five courses cover essential techniques for both print and web, and lead you through programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.  You'll learn design theory essentials, web design fundamentals, and how to sell your designs as a freelance designer. Get up to speed with the latest tools and create unique logos, graphics, and more.

05. Master SVG animation Using HTML & CSS: Build 8 project

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) programming is a top tool needed to code two-dimensional graphics. With 55 lectures and 24/7 access, you'll learn the ins and outs of SVG and gain the ability to design your logos, images, and complex animation. Taught by Kunal Asudani, a seasoned web developer, this lifetime course also includes a certification of completion once the course is finished.

06. The mighty Maya design mastery bundle

Dreaming of starting a career in 3D modeling? Master character modeling, rigging, interior modeling, and more with The mighty Maya design bundle. With 16 courses, this lifetime bundle covers basic to advanced Maya skills, and helps the learner comprehensively grasp the techniques and methods. You'll soon be creating beautiful 3D assets that pop for all kinds of industries.

07. The complete 2020 learn to design certification bundle

Learn to

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Learning how to become a designer doesn't have to be extremely expensive or an impossible feat. Learn all things digital design and dive into courses on JavaScript, HTML5, Photoshop, CSS, and more. The 10-course bundle will provide guided instructions on how to use each program and includes hands-on tutorials to put your newly learned skills to the test. You'll even get the opportunity to connect with your instructors and fellow students in course specific online groups. 

08. Photoshop master: From beginner to Photoshop pro

If you're specifically interested in developing your Photoshop skills further, this 41-lecture training course is for you. With tutorials straight from the minds of creative professionals, you'll learn the ins and outs of Photoshop, and tips and tricks on using all the tools in the software. You'll dive into a Photoshop portrait retouching course and learn skills such as removing redeye, retouching and more.

09. The ultimate AutoCAD training bundle

Developed for 2D and 3D designing, AutoCAD is quickly becoming a popular software for design and drafting. With access to over 10 hours of content available 24/7, you'll start with the basics and quickly move on to the tools and techniques needed to create innovative 2D and 3D structures. Perfect for all levels of proficiency, you will soon learn how to use AutoCAD effectively to create projects that stand out. 

10. Learn photorealistic lighting and editing bundle


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If you're working with imagery from a recent photoshoot but need a bit more guidance on improving the lighting, this bundle will help you edit with ease. With 16 lessons and eight hours of content, you'll gain access to photorealism courses and learn techniques such as lighting an interior daylight photo with V-Ray and tweaking shaders realistically and beautifully. 

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