ZBrush tutorials: 30 ways to sculpt and paint in 3D

ZBrush tutorials

1. Beginner's guide to ZBrush

If you sign up for a free demo account with Digital Tutors, you can access easy-to-follow, 70-minute tutorial that covers everything you need to get started with the sculpting software.

2. ZBrush 4 essential training

Online software training website Lynda introduces ZBrush to artists making a transition from another sculpting program, covering the most popular tools and techniques for digital painting and sculpting

3. How to create and animate an alien creature in ZBrush, Maya and modo

A series of 18 in-depth ZBrush videos from Mathew Burniston, showing you how to model a terrifying alien creature then animate it to chilling effect. Includes supporting files.

4. Discover Scott Spencer's workflow tips for ZBrush

Scott Spencer shares insider techniques for better sculpting in this video tutorial

Scott Spencer shares insider techniques for better sculpting in this video tutorial

Weta Workshop veteran Scott Spencer sat down with 3D World magazine to share some of his insider techniques for sculpting better-looking models in less time with ZBrush.

5. ZBrush tutorials: Monster-size sculpting tips from the BBC's Planet Dinosaur

Mathew Cooling from Jellyfish Pictures shares his workflow for modelling the creatures from the stunning BBC TV series Planet Dinosaur.

6. Gnomon Workshop free tutorials

If you register with the Gnomon Workshop, you can access six free ZBrush tutorials, which cover textures, displacement, UV layout, custom alphas, multi map exporter and lighting.

Sculpting Sci-Fi weaponry

7. How to sculpt a Sci-Fi weapon in ZBrush

See how Scott Spencer of Weta Workshop turns a pulse rifle concept design into a detailed 3D model. And all he needs is ShadowBox and some of the other new tools in ZBrush 4.

8. How to paint a demonic creature bust in ZBrush

In a series of nine walkthrough videos, Weta Workshopper Scott Spencer shows you how to use ZBrush to apply Hollywood model-making techniques without a Hollywood budget.

ZBrush tutorials: Create a demonic creature

ZBrush tutorials: Create a demonic creature

Fiber techniques in ZBrush

9. Working with FiberMesh

In this free tutorial from Digital Tutors, you'll learn some of the basics when it comes to FiberMesh techniques in ZBrush. The video gives a quick 10 minute overview, which is perfect for beginners.

10. Creating quick cloth

In this quick, five-minute tutorial learn how to use simple but powerful tool inside ZBrush through which you can simulate cloth.

11. Making hair texture in ZBrush

Ensuring hair looks as realistic as possible is a difficult task for any ZBrush user. Here, this short video tutorial sums up how you can create texture to guarantee the best outcome.

12. ZBrush 4R2b Basics of FiberMesh

Here, you'll discover the basic controls of FiberMesh by generating fibers on a ZBrush dog character. Once the fibers have been accepted to be a SubTool, the video will also showcase how you can select, mask, and paint specific fibers.

13. Cloth fold sculpting in ZBrush

Creating realistic look cloth folds is no easy task in 3D. In this two-hour video tutorial, 3D artist David Richardson explains the process behind it.

Character Building

14. Creating characters from scratch

3D artist Liam Shaw walks through the process of creating digital characters from scratch in ZBrush.

15. Digital creature creation

Here, author Ryan Kittleson introduces the skills digital artists need to create photorealistic 3D creatures for film, video, and game production.

16. Modelling ears for beginners

This super quick and simple tutorial shows you how to model humanoid type ears. You should already know the very basics of ZBrush to do this tutorial.

17. How to sculpt detailed muscles

Discover quick and easy techniques to sculpt detailed muscle in this easy-to-follow video tutorial.

18. Speed sculpt a monster in ZBrush

A six-parter video tutorial, you'll learn how to create a monster character in ZBrush using the speediest of options. Although the videos contain no voiceover, they're simple and easy enough to follow.

19. Dinosaur reconstruction in ZBrush

Create this cool dinosaur with this easy-to-follow video tutorial from Digital Tutors

Create this cool dinosaur with this easy-to-follow video tutorial from Digital Tutors

Digital Tutors is currently offering a limited try for free option, with which you can access this brilliant dinosaur reconstruction tutorial from freelance digital sculptor Peter Minister.

20. Character design and development

Character designer and developer Cesar Dacol Jr. shows you how to apply your beginner to intermediate skills to a character design of your very own.

21. Making of Alien in ZBrush

You'll already be aware that we're pretty obsessed with H.R. Giger's alien, thanks to our previous sci-fi design features. Here, you'll discover how to reincarnate the alien character using various ZBrush tools such as the ZSketch feature.

ZBrush tutorials: Make H.R. Giger's Alien

ZBrush tutorials: Make H.R. Giger's Alien

Create unique environments using ZBrush

22. The making of the 'Desert Gas Station'

Graphic designer Eugenio Garcia Villarreal breaks down the elements of creating a deserted gas station image in a few, easy-to-follow steps. A perfect way to gain insight into creating environments.

23. Environment sculpting with David Lesperance

Veteran artist David Lesperance gives you this great tutorial focusing on how to build environments from start to finish. It's a fantastic look at how David works, using ZBrush to sculpt rocks with DynaMesh and creating vines using ZSpheres.

24. Creating tiling meshes in ZBrush for use in videogame environments

This tutorial is particularly effective when it comes to those little details on cliff faces and rocks. It's important to get it looking realistic and this step-by-step guide will help you to do just that.

25. Introducing clip brushes

Get the details right in your environment design with this short video tutorial. You'll be able to create hard surface details easily using the Clip Brushes in ZBrush 4.

ZBrush tutorials: Introducing clip brushes

ZBrush tutorials: Introducing clip brushes

Painting in ZBrush

26. Paint the body using ZBrush

Once you've got to grips with creating your own characters and creatures, this tutorial focuses on the traditional polypainting technique that can be used on almost any skin type.

27. Creature Painting Tutorial using Zbrush

This in-depth video by Josh Robinson showcases more polypaint techniques, which can be used to build up a more realistic skin texture and even imply translucency on your creatures skin.

28. ZBrush 4 - Spotlight basics

This short video tutorial is a great way to learn the basics of Spotlight. You'll also discover how to capture the polypainting to a texture and use GOZ to transfer it all instantly to Cinema 4D.

29. Using Photoreference

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to paint a head using textures taken from photographs. Photoreference is a really handy tool that can go on to be used for many different aspects.

30. Exploring brushes and alphas

How and what are alphas? In order to truly understand the full power of ZBrush, you need to explore exploring brushes and alphas – how to make them and use them.

That's it for now! Make sure you keep checking the site for updated tutorials. Enjoy!