The 5 best print ads of June 2014

Despite the rise of the web, print advertising remains an extremely powerful marketing tool. Fully aware of this, agencies are constantly pushing creative boundaries in order to reach their target audience. And as this roundup of our favourite print ads from this month shows, the great ideas just keep coming...

01. Volkswagen Polo GTI

best print ads of June 2014

Late for college? Fear not with this brilliant Volkwagen print advertisement

We all know the pain of trying to get to work or college and getting stuck straight in a traffic jam, and this print ad perfectly plays on that idea, with beautiful execution. DDB in Mexico are behind this cleverly put-together campaign for Volkswagen's Polo GTI.

02. Origin Coffee

best prints ads june 2014

The rooster coffee beans work perfectly with the 'Instantly Awake' tag line

The coffee beans are in the shape of roosters in this great campaign created by South African advertising agency Joe Public for Origin coffee. There are three advertisements in total, the others featuring screaming babies and alarm clocks, all conveying the 'Instantly Awake' tag line perfectly.

03. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

best print ads june 2014

These print advertisements for the new Hunger Games film will turn up the excitement

Everyone who's read the bestselling Hunger Games series will be as excited as ever for the third motion picture installment of the story. This propaganda-style poster is just one in a series that were created alongside the Mockingjay website to promote the new movie. We certainly can't wait!

04. Jardiland Garden Centre

best print ads june 2014

Rex the dog was feeling a little 'ruff' before he lost all the weight

Parisian advertising agency Rosapark certainly got their day with this brilliant print ad showcasing a lighter option for pet food. Turning the tradition of weight loss advertising on its head, this hilarious print ad had us smiling from ear to ear.

05. Big Bay Brewing Company

best print ads june 2014

Sit back, relax and enjoy this brilliant beer-focused print advertisement

We picked this print advertisement from advertising agency HY Connect purely for the typographic execution. Showcasing a beach hut style background, it certainly portrays the kind of laid-back style the brand would like to be associated with.

Have you seen a brilliant print advertisement this month? Let us know in the comments box below!