20 best free wallpapers of 2012

Every week, we've brought you a free and exclusive wallpaper download from a range of designers. Here's our collection from 2012.

Earlier this year, Creative Bloq decided to team up with a bunch of leading designers to bring you a free wallpaper for your iPhone, iPad and desktop every Monday . Good to you aren't we? So, just incase you missed them first time round, here's a selection of the brilliant designs we've featured this year. Enjoy!

01. Ben the Illustrator

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Ben the Illustrator kicked off our free wallpaper giveaway back in July with this beautiful tiger illustration. Going through a phase of sketching simple images of birds and animals, this particular design took him just 20 minutes!

02. Chris Malbon

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Next up was this gorgeous abstract illustration titled 'Eight' by designer and illustrator Chris Malbon. The concept for this piece came about after Malbon caught a big spider in his studio. This kick-started a whole series atmospheric black and white images by the designer.

03. Henry Hargreaves

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When we approached photographer Henry Hargreaves to design a wallpaper for us, we were very excited to see what he came up with. This being the guy who's made a book about boobs and likes to deep fry gadgets. And he didn't disappoint us with this brilliant, yet disturbing image, which, when downloaded, makes it look like he's stuck in your device. Awesome.

04. Mike Stone

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This vibrant, psycedellic-style wallpaper was created by illustrator and copywriter Mike Stone. Currently working at global digital agency Huge, Stone designed this image in 2009. He commented, "When it comes to illustration I like blending together certain themes, objects and imagery until they naturally co-exist in one image."

05. Stanley Chow

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If you're from, or love the city of Manchester, then you'll certainly appreciate this beautiful design by talented illustrator Stanley Chow. This particular wallpaper was initially intended for Chow's daughter's bedroom, which is why he illustrated it with simple geometric shapes.

06. Jon Burgerman

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Back in August, we collaborated with colourful artist Jon Burgerman to bring you guys this cool wallpaper design. Burgerman created three seperate images - No-one Knows The Way, Hopscotch and The Hustle the Dance - all of which are acrylic paintings on watercolour.

07. Amy Holliday

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Young professional illustrator and hand-drawn typographer Amy Holliday is the lady behind this detailed wallpaper. With an affinity for animals she finds herself inspired by nature, conservation and by things she finds fascinating: exotic places, colourful cultures, and the novelty of exciting objects found in everyday life.

08. Steven Bonner

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Steven Bonner is a designer and illustrator widely known for his experimental take on typography. Creating this piece as the 2012 London Olympics approached, he commented, "The idea of never finishing something until you've achieved your goal appeals to me, and I think it's as relevant in work and it is in sport."

09. Justin Maller

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Justin Maller is a freelance illustrator and art director. He is also founder and creative director of international modern art collective Depthcore, which he created this striking piece for initially. The generous designer then donated it to us for our weekly wallpaper spot.

10. Uglylogo

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We love this playful wallpaper, created for us by Frode Skaren aka Uglylogo. The concept for this design came about when Skaren was collecting leaves with his three-year-old daughter. He comments, "I imagined them as characters. I love how the leaves make like open arms, almost like they spread their wings when falling. Wonderful."

11. Becha

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Vesna Pesic aka Becha is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Serbia. She created this piece in order to brighten up the start of the week. "The thing I like about being a freelance artist is adaptability and a week without strict work-hours. So, Monday is like Saturday. This deer wallpaper is a present for everyone who love Mondays!" she says.

12. Neil McFarland

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Neil McFarland is lead visual designer at digital design studio ustwo. His image of Willow the Whale, the hero of the ustwo game 'Whale Trail' featured as our wallpaper in October. "It's taken from our forthcoming e-book with Penguin based on the game and is called the Adventures of Willow the Whale – ‘The Curse of Baron Von Barry' " he says.

13. Jamie Smart

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Jamie Smart is a British comic artist and writer. Over the past ten years, he's worked for clients including The Dandy, The Sunday Times, The DFC, The Cartoon Network and the BBC, and character-designed for Disney. This was one of the early concept pieces for his sometimes rude but enjoyable webcomic Corporate Skull

14. James O'Connell

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James Oconnell is a Manchester-based doodler, illustrator and all round image maker with an international reach. He has a passion for tone, form and texture and generally tries to create work that makes people think, but mostly, which makes them smile. He created this one back in November.

15. Dan Moat

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Dan Moat is a graphic designer based in the UK. He says of his illustration..."The monkey himself was a product of playing about with manipulating circles in Illustrator a while ago. I love doodling with pens and paper and sketching out ideas first but sometimes it's really fun to just sit straight at my computer and see what I can come up with using only basic vectors.

16. Alun Edwards

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Alun Edwards is a versatile and experienced design director at UK-based creative agency Studio Output and has been helping to build forward-thinking brands for fourteen years. He loves that everyday objects (and some pretty cheap finds) can be bought alive by their juxtaposition, which is showcased in this wallpaper.

17. Gareth Axford

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Gareth Axford is an animator and illustrator based in a beautiful small town in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales. He thought it might be fun to revisit an old style of his in order to hone his vectoring and colour skills on a series of illustration of characters from his favourite films.

18. Vault49

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A multi-talented creative, Luke Choice is a senior designer at award-winning design studio Vault49. The artwork was an conceptual soundscape environment, taking inspiration from coral reefs and combining them with the bass-lines from some of the favorite studio soundtracks.

19. Ben Steers

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Ben Steers is a freelance illustrator and designer working out of the beautiful city of Bristol. His work is a mix and match of different graphic styles with influences ranging from '80s animation to early graffiti.The illustration 'Woodland Adventures' was originally conceived for an exhibition at the Kidrobot store in London

20. Craig Minchington

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Craig Minchington is a Welsh digital artist, living in Bristol, creating under the alias Adora. This illustration is an adaptation of an older piece of work called 'The Beginning'. As there's no real central focus, he simply concentrated on composition, colour and form.

Look out for Geo's Xmas inspired wallpaper this Monday the 24th!

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