Instagram, Facebook and Twitter logos get the breast redesigns ever

Three social media giants have had clever negative space logo redesigns to raise awareness of breast cancer.

breast cancer logo designs

The logos cleverly include hands and breasts to raise awarness of an important issue

There's been a number of creative campaigns over the past few years that have aimed to raise awareness of cancer, climate change and more. Whilst some go for the shock factor, others take the more subtle approach and we think these icon redesigns are brilliantly effective.

Created by The Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore, the logos of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been redesigned to resemble breasts, in the former pair's case using negative space. With the tag line 'If only you checked your breasts as often,' it's a stark reminder that we often take hours out of our day to keep up to date with social media, yet spare no time for simple, yet important actions such as checking our breasts.

Cleverly incorporating hands into each of the logos, the colour schemes are kept the same for more of an impact. The charity are currently asking each social media platform to temporarily swap their logos in order to raise as much awareness as possible. Take a look at the designs in-depth below.

breast cancer logo designs

breast cancer logo designs

breast cancer logo designs

[via Fast Co Create]

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