I've returned 3 Apple Watches. Here's why I'm finally keeping one

It's fair to say I've had a love-hate relationship with the Apple Watch over the last few years. One minute I think it's a sleek and essential gadget for living a healthy life, the next I think it's a pointless and dorky trinket. Which probably explains why I've bought and returned three of them in as many years.

I've owned an Apple Watch Series 4, Series 6 and SE, and all three times the Watch failed to do enough within Apple's two-week returns window to persuade me that it's worth keeping. But it looks like a stainless steel Apple Watch Series 7 is about to break the mould. (Looking for an awesome Apple Watch deal? Check out our Apple Watch Prime Day live blog.)  

Apple Watch Series 7 on my hairy wrist

The stainless steel Series 7 has finally won me over (Image credit: Future)

My issues with the Apple Watch boil down to two main factors: the appearance, and the price. In terms of the former, no matter how sleek Apple makes the Watch look in its promotional materials, I've always found it toy-like in reality. Apple wants to have you to believe this thing can resemble a classy and expensive dive watch but even when paired with one of many leather or metallic straps, to me it looks more like the doctor-issued heart monitor thing my grandma wears on her wrist than a Rolex.

Apple watch Prime Day deals

The Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 8 are remarkably similar (Image credit: Apple)

It wasn't until I saw the stainless steel version of the Apple Watch in the flesh that I realised this has a lot to do with the standard aluminium finish. It's clearly designed to look sporty, whereas I am not. But not only does the steel version bring more of that 'classic watch' vibe, it also features a much, much tougher sapphire glass display, so it won't look crap after a few weeks. 

Apple Watch Series 7 (Silver Stainless Steel) at Amazon US:

Apple Watch Series 7 (Silver Stainless Steel) at Amazon US: $649 $449
Save $200:
If you haven't seen the stainless steel Apple Watch before, you might not know what all the fuss is about. With a much stronger sapphire display, it's far more durable, and the metallic finish looks a lot classier with leather and metal straps. And the Series 7 is practically the same as the Series 8, save for the lack of crash detection and temperature tracking.

Apple Watch Series 7 (Graphite Stainless Steel) at Amazon UK: £

Apple Watch Series 7 (Graphite Stainless Steel) at Amazon UK: £649 £446
Save £203:
As above, but it's graphite coloured and it's in the UK.

Of course, the downside of the stainless steel version is the price. For the series 8, prices start at £729, which is pretty ridiculous. So when I spotted a pre-Prime Day deal bringing the price of the stainless steel Series 7 to under £400, I decided it was, um, a steal. The 7, by the way, is pretty much the Series 8 minus temperature tracking and crash detection. And with new-ish features like the larger screen, always-on display and fast charging, it feels a more reliable and mature product than the one(s) I failed to get on with previously.

Sadly, that deal has now ended. But there are still offers to be found on the stainless steel Apple Watch Series 7 at Amazon, including over £200 off the 45mm graphite version in the UK, and $200 off the silver version in the US, bringing them down to £446 and $449 respectively. It basically means you can get the steel Series 7 for around the same price as a brand new aluminium Series 8. Which I'd say go for. 

Of course, style is subjective and you might not give a toss about a slightly shinier material – fair play to you if so. But for that much stronger display, and the fact that the Series 7 is so close to the 8 in terms of features, it seems a no-brainer to me to opt for the more luxurious and tough version of the former. It's the first Apple Watch I'm going to keep – which is saying something.

Daniel John
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