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Deal alert: save $80 on this 128GB iPad

It might be Amazon Prime Day, but that doesn't mean that you're going to find all the best deals on Amazon today. If you head over to Walmart right now you'll be able to snag yourself a pretty awesome deal: a 128GB 9.7-inch Wi-Fi iPad for $349 - that's $80 off the normal price of $429.

Now, before you get over-excited, this isn't one of the new 9.7-inchers that support the Apple Pencil; rather it's the older 5th generation model. So while it doesn't quite pack the punch of the latest release from Apple, it's no slouch. It'll do a great job of running all manner of iPad apps for designers, and in day-to-day use you're hardly going to notice being slightly out of date.

It uses an A9 chip and will give you up to 10 hours of battery life on a full charge, and it comes in a super-slim aluminnum unibody that weighs just a pound. And it doesn't lack in features: it supports TouchID and Apple Pay, it has front and back cameras and of course an ultra-crisp Retina display.

If you're after your first iPad or looking to upgrade from an earlier model, and want to save a bit of money, we reckon this is the perfect option. But don't dally; we doubt this offer will be available for very long! (Got one already? Get yourself one of the best iPad cases for peace of mind). 

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