Typography is made easy with this free app

The latest version of Typorama allows users to create amazing typography designs in iOS.

Typorama app

Typorama is an easy way to add dynamic text effects

We're huge fans of text editing tools at Creative Bloq, with our list of the best typography apps providing inspiration for thousands of designers. But with so many apps out there, it's hard to know where to start. Enter Typorama.

Although fairly new (the first version of the app launched in April), Typorama has quickly become a popular tool and gained recognition from Apple and Time Magazine.

Developed by Apperto studio, Typorama lets users customise automatically generated typography with minimal effort. Advanced tools include 3D rotation, shadows, partial erase and colour gradients.

Targeted at people running social media campaigns, Typorama also features a logo design tool that allows businesses to apply watermarks and brand logos to their designs.

Typorama is available to download for free for iPhone and iPad, or you can get a taster by watching the video below.

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