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The ultimate guide to Creative Cloud 2014

In 2013, Adobe shocked the design world by bringing its traditional software sales model, the Creative Suite, to an end. So while could (and can) still buy Photoshop CS6 (opens in new tab), for example, there would be no CS7. If you wanted to take advantage of new features, you'd have to sign up to its software-as-a-service model, the Creative Cloud (opens in new tab).

Rather than a big release once a year, Adobe promised a continuous roll-out model of new features. However, on 18 June this year it broke from that pattern and unleashed a slew of major newness on us all at once – a total of 14 new and upgraded applications in all. Plus, it fortified its mobile offerings and expanded its reach into hardware.

All at once

It seemed like Adobe realized that for a variety of reasons, people were getting confused by not having some type of versioning they can grab on to. It was becoming a point of irritation for third-party developers who need to state compatibility, education publishers who need to state what versions are being covered, and customers in general.

So Adobe decided, at least this time, to save up a number of updates and release them all at once. The reaction was mixed (opens in new tab), so whether this will continue, or will be a one-time thing, we don't quite know. But either way, the latest release is called 'Adobe Creative Cloud 2014'. And here's our round-up of all the details...

01. New hardware (opens in new tab)

They're known across the globe for their software. And with Creative Cloud 2014, Adobe has made its first foray into hardware with the introduction of two new products, a digital pen and ruler. Read more about them here (opens in new tab).

02. New mobile apps (opens in new tab)

As part of Creative Cloud 2014, Adobe released a new Photoshop app for iPad, Photoshop Mix; a sketching app; a drafting tool; a Creative Cloud mobile app; and Photoshop Lightroom for Mobile. Read more about them here (opens in new tab).

03. Software updates

For Creative Cloud 2014, Adobe launched new versions of 14 applications. We got hands-on with six of the most popular tools here:

Plus here's a round-up of what's changed in some of the others:

Premiere Pro CC 2014: The new version of the video editing tool includes Live Text Templates, Masking and Tracking, new ways to leverage the power of After Effects inside Premiere, enhanced graphics performance with Mercury Playback Engine, Master Clip Effect.

Photoshop Lightroom CC 2014: You can now edit and organize images anywhere, anytime via iPhone as well as iPad, and automatically sync all your mobile edits with Lightroom 5.5 on your desktop - updated to support additional camera formats.

Adobe released new versions of 14 applications in June 2014

Adobe released new versions of 14 applications in June 2014

Flash CC 2014: The new version of Flash CC offers SVG export, variable width strokes, tweening for variable width strokes, motion editor and most eye-openingly WebGL for animation (this is for non-SWF output, thus keeping your Flash chops viable in the market).

Edge Animate CC 2014: The web animation tools now offers native HTML video support. The new version also allows the direct import of HTMLS-friendly video clips, sprite sheet import, article linking for Adobe DPS, actions editor, and the copy and pasting of SVGs from Illustrator CC.

What new features would you like Adobe to add to the Creative Cloud? Share your views in the comments below!

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