Learn character design secrets with these inspirational books

Discover how industry-leading artists create stunning and original character designs.

Masters of Anatomy books

Hundreds of unique designs will help you master character anatomy

Two years after the release of its first phenomenally successful Kickstarter book, Masters Of Anatomy are back with a new campaign all about character design.

Featuring artwork by creatives from industry-leading studios like Disney, Pixar and Dream Works, the two new books by the Toronto-based publisher include Character Design Masterclass and Anatomy In Action.

Based around the hiring practices used by many famous animation studios, Character Design Masterclass challenges over 130 artists to design meaningful and modern versions of iconic characters. In this case they've gone for Robin Hood and his merry men.

This is an invaluable chance to learn from the experts and see how character designs evolve and develop from scratch. With plenty of artists contributing their top-level work, there are hundreds of diverse creative decisions to absorb and evaluate.

The second book, Anatomy in action, is a foundational book that explores how to draw the human body. Featuring the artwork of a single talented artist, Raul Moreno, this book contains hundreds of final images and rough sketches to give the reader a strong understanding of anatomy fundamentals.

Both books will be ready to ship in March, but you can get a taste of what to expect with the videos and images below.

Robin Hood character designs

Artists from Disney and Pixar redesign classic characters

Anatomy sketches

Anatomy sketches will help you master the basics of the body

Character anatomy

Character design and anatomy come together to create personality

Character design and anatomy books

The books will be ready to ship in March 2016

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