This website tells the time using hex colours

What Colour Is It? is a fun website that corresponds the numbers of the time with hex colours.

What Colour Is It

What Colour Is It? is a fun experiment with hex colours

It's always fun to look for new ways to experiment with colour; it's even better when it turns out to be a pretty innovative affair. James E Murphy is a Berlin-based artist, graphic and web designer and his latest project 'What Colour Is It?' is a fun take on the time.

The web app teams up the numbers of the time with the hex colour number, simultaneously changing the background colour to that hex particular hex number. It makes for a pretty relaxing experience and it's always nice to check back to see what colour your screen has turned to this time.

The web app proved so popular, that Jonic Linley turned it into a mac screensaver, allowing you to enjoy 'What Colour Is It?' all day, every day. Who knows – maybe you'll even learn some new hex colour facts without even knowing it!

What Colour Is It

What Colour Is It

What Colour Is It

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