How make a creative masterpiece out of a simple story

New short film Floating is a beautiful example of how a spark of creativity can make the simplest of stories the most engaging.

After a year in the making, director Greg Jardin has released his short film Floating. And boy, is it a good'un. But be prepared for a tearjerker; you'll want your tissues at the ready as the tale of a lonely figure made out of balloons unfolds.

As the figure makes its way around the city, its desperate search for some company leads to various hazardous encounters until it finally takes matters into its own hands.

Jardin and the Floating team have managed to turn the simplest of stories into a beautifully emotive and engaging film - all of which is emphasized by the seamless blend of carefully composed live action shots and CGI. Genius.


Kerrie Hughes is associate editor at Creative Bloq. Her employment at Future Publishing began in January 2010 as staff writer for 3D World magazine. Since then, she's written regularly for other publications, including ImagineFX and Computer Arts magazines.