8-bit video game offers design interns a chance to play

In the game, you must collect ten ideas for an upcoming client presentation.

interns 8 bit

The aim of the game is to collect ideas for an upcoming client meeting

When you're interning at a design or advertising company, it can sometimes be hard to get the advice and involvement you're after. The team at McMillan wanted to ensure their interns felt as involved as possible, so they made an 8-bit game, where each intern was given their own character.

"As you know, there's an ongoing debate about the internship system in advertising (and other industries). Do they help you prepare for a career, or are they simply a way for agencies to get cheap labour?" asks McMillan's Ankit Verma.

"We didn't want our interns here at McMillan to feel unprepared or unappreciated, so we created an 8-bit video game that featured them as playable characters. In the game, they must collect ten ideas for an upcoming client presentation... as in real life, sometimes ideas come when you least expect them."

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