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The anti-piracy font that computers can't read

Fed up with the NSA’s infringement of privacy, Sang Mun has created a font that computers are unable to read.

We all use the internet almost every day and share the likes of photos, new work and personal information. Taking matters of privacy into his own hands, an internet user by the name of Sang Mun has developed a font which cannot be read by computers.

Entitled 'ZXX' the font has been designed in such a way that computers with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) will not be able to recognise it. It comes in four different variations and whilst each remains readable to the human eye, computers will be unable to collate any information.

Mun has made the font free for all users on his website to encourage more action against infringement of privacy. It's a nice idea but does the font work well as a design? Will it actually 'trick' computers? Let us know in the comments box below!

anti-piracy font
anti-piracy font
anti-piracy font
anti-piracy font

[via Design Taxi]

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Do you think this anti-piracy font will actually work? Let us know in the comments box below!

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