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Want to master Adobe Illustrator? We've got the guidebook

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Are you looking for a bit of guidance on your next logo-making project? Do you need assistance with finding the best way to finesse your company's social media branding visually? You've come to the right place. The Ultimate Adobe Illustrator's Guidebook Certification Bundle (opens in new tab) brings you everything you need to start bringing your visuals to life – plus, it's currently price-dropped to only $34.99.

Want to expand your Illustrator skills for free? Here's our roundup of the best Illustrator tutorials on the web. And here's how to download Illustrator right now.

Learn the ins and outs of Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most-used design software programs in the world of design, making it an always evolving platform where there is still more to learn. Taught by top-rated industry professionals, this 51-hour guidebook certification course bundle will start by bringing you basic best practices and techniques to navigate the flagship platform. 

Throughout your journey of nine in-depth courses, you'll learn the ins and outs of logo design, digital design for graphic designers, understanding typography, how to transform your creations digitally, and more. You'll dive deep into advanced design concepts and learn how to market all your creative designs into platforms such as t-shirt designs, social media, websites, e-books, and so much more.

Improve your design workflow

Not only will you learn all of Illustrator's basic and advanced tools, but you'll also gain access to essential time-saving techniques for a productive workflow. Courses on how to make the software work for you and your needs will allow you to start building on time-saving design strategies that will take your business skills to another level. You'll be provided with hands-on tutorials on how to bring these practices into your current daily flow and make the best out of your current creative routine. 

Enhance your design portfolio

Every course is packed with real-world design projects that let you practice what you learn. Redrawing famous logos, creating your own repeating wallpaper patterns, and practicing advanced anchor point/pen tool tricks are just a few of the assignments you'll be tasked with to learn the concepts head-on. With a certification of completion included at the end of all the courses, you'll gain a powerful résumé booster for your next job interview or project.

The Ultimate Adobe Illustrator's Guidebook Certification Bundle (opens in new tab) brings you everything you need to jumpstart your creative career in Illustrator, or simply brush up on your design skills. Usually priced at $1,500, you can learn the industry-leading Adobe CC program for only $34.99 (that's 97 per cent off). Add valuable skills and credibility to your ongoing creative portfolio and start designing like a pro today.

*Prices subject to change. Software not included.

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