Idents give The Simpsons an abstract twist

Ay, carumba! These idents for The Simpsons give classic characters a weird stylistic spin.

Still going strong after 27 years, The Simpsons has become one of the most recognisable television shows on the planet. For the cartoon's appearance on cable channel FXX, LA creative studio Laundry were commissioned to create visually striking idents that still channelled the spirit of Springfield.

Simpsons idents

Even the channel's tagline is inspired by a quote from The Simpsons

Simpsons idents

Familiar characters are warped and distorted

The Simpsons iconic status proved to be one of the biggest obstacles when it came to creating these IDs. After all, with a brand as big as The Simpsons, how do you make a design recognisable yet surprising? To get started, the Laundry team turned to Pinterest, researched Instagram fan art, and studied the work of collage artist Cyriak.

Simpsons idents

Shapes and elements smoothly morph into one another

Simpsons idents

The designs are strange but still unmistakably Simpsons

Simpsons idents

The Laundry team were keen to surprise viewers

The result is an abstract, whacky set of idents that reduce key characters from The Simpsons down to minimalist designs. Hitting the screen in a tidal wave of screams, splats, wiggles and wobbles, these graphics keep the essence of the cartoon while pushing visual dynamics to the absolute limit.


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