Type videos: 5 great typography lessons to boost your skills

You've seen our jam-packed list of typography tutorials. Now feast your eyes on our top five type videos to get you into the creative mood.


When it comes to typography tutorials, it's great to experiment with written tutorials and project files. However, sometimes all you want is a thorough walk-through video to help explain things better.

And that's just what we've curated for all you lovely readers. From kinetic type to working with images, there's sure to be something to get your teeth into. And don't worry, this isn't all there is: we'll be updating the feature with more type videos in the coming weeks. 

01. Create leafy letters

Create awesome typography with this super-quick type video. Here, you'll take regular text and render it as shubbery or leafy letters. This  tutorial is from the series 'Deke's Techniques' presented by lynda.com author Deke McClelland.

02. Turn an image into text

This short type video walks you through a great way to experiment with typography in Photoshop. At only eight minutes long, it's a project you could tackle in your lunch break. There's even a link to download the start image so you've got no excuse!

03. Design 2D Text in Photoshop

This simple but effective type video will show you how to emulate the style that tutor Rob Sterlini uses within his work. You can subscribe to his whole tutorial series, as well as download all the files you'll need in his resource library.

04. Kinetic typography

A big hit on YouTube, this type video takes you through a detailed tutorial focusing on kinetic typography. It's a super-simple and Steve of GeekGroup is a fantastic tutor, so you'll be playing around with moving typography in no time!

05. CS6's new 3D text extrusion

In this type video, you will learn how to use the new 3D text extrusion in After Effects CS6. Unfortunately, you can't complete this tutorial on any earlier editions of After Effects but if you're lucky enough to have CS6, this is a great skill to know.

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Be sure to check back, as we'll be updating this list with even more awesome type videos! Let us know which ones we should include in the comments box below.

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