Cinema 4D meets Photoshop in new workshop series for creative pros

Wacom, Train to Create and digital artist Uli Staiger bring a new 3D and compositing series to London this week.

This week, Berlin-based photographer and digital artist Uli Staiger, Train to Create and Wacom are hosting a 3D and compositing series that consists of a seminar and intensive workshop. Taking place from 6-8 December in London, Staiger will reveal his methods and technniqes for creating eye-catching 3D imagery.

Organised by Train to Create, the Uli Staiger series will open with a seminar for students at the University of East London, which will feature Staiger and photographer, retoucher, trainer and Photoshop World instructor, Glyn Dewis.

In the workshop, Staiger will reveal his methods and technniqes for creating eye-catching 3D imagery

The press release states: "During the workshop, Staiger will demonstrate how to incorporate Cinema 4D and Photoshop, showing how the addition of 3D can enhance photographic work. Attendees will learn how to model and render simple objects like a cup or chair. On the second day, attendees will build a simple jet racer in Cinema 4D and bring it to life in Photoshop.

"Attendees will get the opportunity to work with Wacom devices including the recently launched Cintiq Companion creative tablets that enable users to work wherever they want, and the new line-up of Intuos pen tablets. They will be shown how to customise a Wacom tablet for retouching in order to get the most out of it."

There are a limited number of tickets currently available for the workshop. For more information, visit the Train to Create website.

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