Time-lapse and typography combine in manifesto masterpiece

Column Five's mission statement is anything but dull.

Typography time lapse video

The video turns a corporate manifesto into a fun animation

Is there anything less creative than a company's mission statement? Stuffy, long-winded, and often loaded with jargon, they don't often cultivate an engaging company culture. That's why visual communications studio Column Five have turned theirs into this brilliant time-lapse animation.

Pieced together in a single company hack day, this video spells out the agency's snappy manifesto 'We do good work with good people' in plasticine, petals and pizza.

Everyone at the studio leant a hand to help make the unique video which reflects Column Five's creative spirit. See all the hard work in action for yourself in the video below.

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Dom Carter is staff writer at Creative Bloq. Coming from an SEO and web copywriting background, Dom first came to Future for a week of work experience at SFX magazine. Away from the office, Dom likes to write scripts and short stories, and watch an unhealthy amount of Doctor Who.